A collection of charity Facebook ads examples

Charity Facebook Ads Examples [2023]

Looking for some inspiration for your next Facebook campaign? You have come to the right place. In this blog, I’ve gathered some examples of the best charity and not-for-profit Facebook Ads to share with you.

How are charities using Facebook Ads in 2022? Most ads you will see will fall into three main categories; lead generation ads, direct fundraising asks and promotion of products and services.

Now, let’s jump into some examples of great ads.

Charity lead generation ads

These are any ads that aim to gather contact details.

Petition Facebook Ads

Facebook ads collecting petition signatures is one of the most common ways we see charities and not-for-profits using Facebook ads.

And it is no surprise. Whether you are looking to boost your petition ads or use your petition as a lead generation tool Facebook ads have proven quick and effective.

Here are some examples of petition ads:

Want to do this yourself? Check out our guide to how you can collect petition signatures with Facebook ads.


Another common tactic charities are using to generate leads is quizzes.

One advantage of using quizzes to generate leads is that the audience is already engaging with your content before they give their details.

Here are some examples of quiz ads in action:

Peer-to-peer fundraising campaign recruitment

Many charities are using Facebook ads to get people to sign up to fundraise.

Here are some examples:

Promoting bequest campaigns

Finally, not-for-profits are using Facebook Ads show supporters how they can leave a gift in their will and capture details of interested people.

Some advantages lead for your bequest program with Facebook Ads are that you can target people by age or target existing supporters using Custom Audiences.

Facebook Fundraising Ad examples

While recent changes to Facebook’s targeting and tracking have made fundraising ads a little harder to do effectively, many charities are still using Facebook Ads to ask for donations.

Here are some great ads that have different direct donation asks:

Other examples

These ads are promoting charities services, selling products or were simply too good to leave out.

Want more charity Facebook Ad examples? Spend some time exploring the Facebook Ads Library. Be sure to check out how other organisations working in your space are using Facebook Ads.

Don’t forget to optimise your landing page

Getting people to click on your ads is just half the battle. For best results, make sure your donation pages deliver a great user experience.

Check out some of the best tools to build great donation forms and campaigns.

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